The Left Banke was a band from New York City in the 1960s. They only had a couple of bona fide "hits" before sadly self-destructing, but their unique style, dubbed "baroque rock" by critics, is still admired and influential among pop musicians to this day. What amazes me is that among the many "few hit wonder" bands of the 60s, most showed little depth in their album tracks. This is not true of The Left Banke, whose output was always of high quality.

I originally created this page because I couldn't find much devoted to The Left Banke on the WWW. It has grown with the help of many fans who've written and contributed. So check out the biography, the discography, the stuff that people have sent me, and obscure links to all the notable references to the group I could find on the WWW. Any suggestions or other feedback would be a great help, too. Enjoy!


Visit The Left Banke Discussion Group at YahooGroups.
There's also LeftBankism, sometimes called the "back-up Left Banke list."
What about this? A newsgroup tidbit from Tom Finn that suggests The Left Banke may reform. Stay tuned.

Left Banke references found on the WWW:

Drawing by Len Small. Thanks!
To get a hold of the music from The Left Banke's 1967 and 1968 albums, seek out Polygram's 1992 compilation CD called There's Gonna Be A Storm. It is out of print and hard to find, but,, and are good places to start looking.
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