Anecdotes from Kathy, who met the band in the late 60s:

I was a big fan of the Left Banke back in the sixties. In fact, my sister Christy and I used to write to various members of the group (and get answers - mainly from Rick Brand, Emmett Lake, and Tom Finn - I think we got one from Steve Martin once too) - we were always writing fan letters to our favorite groups in those days but hardly anyone answered - so when these guys did, we glommed onto 'em. I guess they didn't get that much fan mail - I believe that all of them had our address memorized!

Anyway, they also had a fan club that we got involved with - and during Christmas vacation 1968 when we were 16 (we're twins) our parents actually took us to NYC so we could meet everyone. I remember going to a dingy studio on 8th Avenue with the girls who ran their fan club and listening to Steve, Tom, George, and a couple other guys who weren't regular members of the group rehearsing. The next day we visited their managers' office at 1650 Broadway - the fan club was run from there - and saw everyone again. What an experience for two completely innocent, starstruck suburban girls.

We continued to stay in touch with them a few months longer - that summer, we made contact with a local promoter and got him to bring the group (minus Steve, but with Rick Brand and Emmett Lake) to play at a local dance - guess they couldn't be too choosy by then. After that, it was downhill all the way, and we lost touch. To this day, I don't know what happened to any of them, other than from what I've read in such sources as the liner notes from "There's Gonna Be A Storm."

I'm terrible at saving things, but I may still have some 8x10 glossies and some old fan club newsletters and stuff like that.

Kathy Brand

(No relation to Rick Brand - my favorite member of the group was Rick Brand, and years later I just happened to marry somebody with the same last name!)

Kathy is the generous source of the photos on the Images page and of the original Left Banke logo that appears at the top of the main page. Thanks, Kathy! (anecdotes presented here with her permission)