This is an accurate re-creation of a couple of pages directly from
The Left Banke Fan Club newletter, from 1968
(courtesy of Kathy Brand).
Amusingly cheesy profiles of the band members were provided.

Band Member Photo Personal Info
STEVE MARTIN is the lead singer of The Left Banke. The versatility of Steve's voice, demonstrated on such soft, haunting tunes as "Pretty Ballerina," and on such strong, penetrating numbers as "Lazy Day" has earned for Steve recognition as one of the best vocalists in the business. Although Steve doesn't normally play instruments on stage, he happens to be a terrific drummer and electric bass player. Along with George and Mike, Steve is an avid composer, two of his songs being "Haven't Got the Nerve" and "Lazy Day."
MIKE BROWN is responsible for the Banke's first two hits, "Walk Away Renee" and "Pretty Ballerina." The son of a well-known concert violinist, Mike had many years of training in classical piano, and this training has showed itself through the Baroque sound that The Left Banke made so popular. Mike's love of clavichords, harpsichords, and other seldom used keyboard instruments is one of the many things that have made The Left Banke as unique a group as it is. An amiable young man, Mike is the group's innovator, with an insistence on quality and perfection in The Left Banke's materials and performances.
TOM FINN (short for Thomas James Finn) plays bass guitar, and sometimes takes over lead vocal parts during the Banke's live performances. Before becoming one of The Left Banke, Tom was lead vocalist in several less well-known groups, and his voice comprises the second harmony part in the Banke's arrangements. A real showman on stage (Tom holds what is probably the world's record for the number of tambourines broken during a single tour), Tom is quite shy, but well-spoken and very intelligent. A restless fellow, Tom hates being in one place for too long a time, but prefers New York and Hollywood over the other places he has visited with The Left Banke.
GEORGE JUSTO FABIO CAMERON, JR. is a native of London, England. Since arriving in the States nine years ago, George has lived in New York City, where he has an apartment. George is the Banke's drummer, and his voice provides third harmony in vocals. Having established himself as a composer (several of George's songs appear on the first Left Banke album), George would like to continue in music, most likely as a lyricist. George's cooperative nature and his contagious smile make him a most likeable fellow to be around.
RICHARD DAVID BRAND (better known as "Rick") is the lead guitarist and chief morale keeper for the group. Known for his optimistic nature and his articulate way of expressing his feelings. Rick has been playing guitar for only about two years. Before taking up the guitar, however, Rick made his mark as one of the finest banjo players in the country by winning a nation-wide banjo competition. Rick's present pet project is to master the sitar, and he spends many hours practicing the instrument in his Manhattan apartment.