Anecdotes from Toni, who knew George and Steve:

Wow! Flashback to my teen years. What a great job you've done on this page, considering how hard it must be to come up with good information. I knew George Cameron and Steve Martin both before and during the "Walk Away Renee" days (as a matter of fact, all of 14, I had a huge crush on Steve - not reciprocated). He lived uptown, bordering the area now called "Spanish Harlem"; if I remember right, George lived in the midtown area. They were both great guys, talented and fun, and really were kind of overwhelmed by Michael Brown. But they were great to hang out with. It really was a fun time to be growing up in New York. The Greenwich Village area of Manhattan in the mid-sixties was heaven for music fans. Regulars in the small clubs there included everyone from Jimi Hendrix (then Jimi James) to the Lovin' Spoonful. It was an exciting time, music was changing rapidly, and it seemed liked the only criteria for making friends was your taste in music. Thanks for providing me with a very neat memory. I'll be checking your page again.

Toni Franklin
Alvin Lee Fan Club USA

Thanks, Toni! (anecdotes presented here with her permission)