Rick Brand's Letter to a Fan

David Chirko of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada wrote to Rick Brand
via the Left Banke Fan Club in mid-1972. Here is a transcript
of Rick's response letter:

Dear Prolific
        Yours is my first fan (?) letter in a sneed's age, so where are we? La premiere: It is without hesitation and entirely devoid of uncertainty that if the L.B. ever resuscitates, it will most assuredly be without (at least) me! It would probly (sic) be w/o Tommy Tit, for his scene is beyond words...and Steve Martin seems bound for bigger & better et ceteras. Mike is a career songwriter and moneymaker, (and now an insatiable chess freak) and may here and whenever write a ditty for Steve, but an L.B...no way! George would undoubtedly like the idea, but, again, he would give his all for any idea anywhere, anytime, blah, blah...
        I heard Steve in a studio recently and he is in better voice, so help me, than he was "then". I never doubted! Mike's group is very L.B.ish...but they are really, really good. I saw them recently also. Oh! If you want to hear some Steve and Mike stuff of TOP NOTCH quality, get hold of an album called "ULTRA VIOLET'S HOT PARTS", from the movie of that name. It's on KAMA SUTRA, distributed by Buddha Records, N.Y.C. Mike did much of the writing and producing, and Steve sings two songs, one of which (TWO BY TWO) was a mild sensation when released in Boston without promo. It had everything it needed to have been # 1 nationally, except that Steve refused to sign for an album with Kama Sutra. Anyway, be sure to pick it up. The artist is listed as Steve Martin.
        Mike left a few days ago for England where he is recording (its [sic] cheaper there) his second STORIES album. Mike has left the producer role, so maybe the album will be good. At least without him having to do it all by himself it has a chance. Et moi, j'etudie la chemie, et la psychologie et autre chose, parce que je voudrai etre docteur. Si tout va bien, je serai en ecole de medecine en deux ans.
        To quickly resolve your enigmas:
1. I don't know if Renee was French, or a blonde, but her name was Flagin (or something like that) and she happened before I knew the boys, but I do believe that she made it with all but poor Mike (who was thoroughly crushed), yet this is non-empirical conjecture...(though it could be argued that so is all else.)
2. Dark is the bark is, like all other L.B. music, completely non-lyrical. The words have no meaning (...well, there's always the unconscious), and were written as rather self consciously (sic) beautiful musical whimsy, as you find in the latter 18th century romantic music. (Pre-Beethoven).
3. Which answer next Q: yes...I love class (sic) music.
4. Desiree: I left the studio in a screaming Banshee rage over what I considered a superfluous orchestration. Not ever having heard the song (as it should be) with guitar, piano, bass & drums only, you are in no position to understand my position. Next time you're in NYC, stop by and I'll play you the song the better way.
5. Byrds--OK to great depending on which era.
6. Yes, we did Mr. Spaceman on stage. It sucked!
7. Montage was exclusively someone else's ...not mine, so you'd have to speak to (I think) Mike about them.
        I hope this letter by quelching your feelings (hopes) about an L.B. revival, hasn't brought you down much. Mike is still in music, and so is Steve, and I must admit, most of the L.B. genius is (was) in their hands, so we'll both be hearing more from them, and well it should be. I happen to feel (well fuck me) that the L.B. was among the finest R & R groups anywhere, but there is no going back...ever...cause its (sic) never the same. You might just as soon be back in grade school.

        Love, Rick Brand
        & Thanks for your letter--
        Do it again"

Thanks to David Chirko for forwarding this.